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( patent number : 2016000410 )


VIDEO : 2 Minutes To Learn Cable Tie Opener


About Us


Below are 8 common questions about Cable Tie Opener :


1) What is Cable Tie Opener ?

  • Cable Tie Opener is a unique product that was invented to open a cable tie so the cable tie can be used again and again.
  • Thus no need for you to keep on buying lots of cable ties – save your money.
  • Imagine how a company that uses thousands of cable ties everyday can save lots of money.


2) Why must I own this Cable Tie Opener ?

  • Save your money – we spend lots of money in buying new cable ties.
  • Save time – we spend more time trying to cut cable tie in narrow angle where you cannot reach.
  • Save your fragile items – we tend to damage our belongings/items when we try to cut the cable tie. Imagine if your child tighten a cable tie to his finger, even a cutter will be dangerous to use. Click here to view image.


3) What is the quality and product detail of this Cable Tie Opener ?

We have upgrade and improve in every angle to make this product better.

  • Stainless steel – medical grade (rust-free)
  • Bigger handle – easy to hold
  • Rubberissed handle – convenient grip

As at now we produce red colour handle. Other colours are coming soon.


4) What is the weight and size of the Cable Tie Opener ?

Nett weight is 15 gram / unit.
Size : Length 93mm and Width 65mm.


5) Why do you mention ‘1 second solution’ in your video ?

Our Research & Development team has done years of study and with accurate sharpness and high precision, we have invented state-of-the-art Cable Tie Opener which takes only 1 second to open a cable tie – please watch our video on top (video duration 2 minutes).


6) Can your Cable Tie Opener open all sizes of cable ties ?

Yes, all cable tie sizes in the market can easily be opened using Cable Tie Opener.
Info : The width of all cable ties in the market : 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.6mm, 4.8mm, 7.6mm, 9.0mm.


7) How to buy ?

Just click the ‘Order Now’ button at the bottom and fill up the required information (it only takes 1 minute to complete your purchase). And yes, you can use credit card.


8) When can I get my cable tie opener ?

  • As your payment being confirmed by our banks, we will immediately courier it to you together with tracking number.
  • We use Air Courier and the delivery period normally takes about 2-3 weeks .View tracking sample
  • We will attach notes and diagram of ‘steps to open cable tie in 1 second’ in our waterproof packaging


Original Price :  USD 10  / unit


Price below is INCLUSIVE of courier cost :

now USD 7.90 only !

Buy 4 and get another 1 for FREE !




Note : After you press ‘ORDER NOW’, there are only 2 more pages for you to complete this purchase which will take about 1 minute.